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This is the most fun and emotional mafia, where the variety of roles will not let you get bored. And our closed format will keep you intrigued until the very end of the game.

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The atmosphere OF OUR GAMES
Remember that Mafia is not just a game.
This is the place where we all gather, communicate, get acquainted and have a great time. In order to maintain the most comfortable atmosphere in the club, we ask you to follow a number of rules — this is important!
Mafiosi, we try for you every day, creating the most exciting atmosphere. Our club is based on love and respect, so let's respect each other and ourselves! Good games to everyone!
Mаfia is a team game
  1. Before the start of the game, the host distributes cards to all players. Players are randomly divided into teams - mafia (approximately 30%) and civilians.
  2. There is a "closed" mafia in our club this means that the players do not know what roles the host has given out in this game, and the cards are not revealed after death, the players until the very end of the game
get personal and insult players swear, bet money or other valuables, make bets, talking at night, "beaconing" at night, whispering, discussing night actions during the day, discussing what is written on the cards, show the map to other, mafialeaks players
If you are being voted on or suspected, the mafia does not necessarily do it. everyone can make mistakes and you too, if you were killed, then watch the game, how other players play, how they behave. but do not react in any way to what is happening - any gesture or emotion of yours can affect the course of the game do not forget that everyone suspects everyone, including you, do not be afraid to express your point of view, try to be convincing and give arguments in your defense of mafialeaks
Try to listen to each player and remember what he says. this may be useful to you in the future to make a decision if you play for any peaceful role, after death, be sure to tell what role you had and what you did - this will help your team in the future if you were a mafia and you died, then do not say that you were a mafia, thereby, you can let your team down. it's better to say that you were with the role and tell me which one
The game takes place day and night
all the players communicate, argue, convince each other and vote against the one they suspect. voting takes place in turn, after the moderator has accepted your vote, it cannot be changed. on the 1st day of voting, you can say "pass" and not vote for anyone.
At the command of the presenter, role-playing players wake up (take off their masks) and perform their actions. After the moderator has accepted your choice, you cannot refuse to perform your actions.
All the props belong to Mafia Me
All the props are transferred to the players for temporary use and must be returned safely to the administration of the Mafia Me club or the host
In case of damage to the club's property, the player is financially responsible and must pay the amount in full for the damaged props
Payment for participation in the game is made before the game and is made in full, unless otherwise provided by promotions or other individual conditions
The cost of the game evening — 400aed. Payment is made in full, regardless of the number of games in which the player participated during the entire evening of the event
For players who paid for participation no later than 24 hours before the start of the event, the cost is 350aed
Payment for the game is not refunded. Participation in event can be transferred to next time, but 't more than 2 times, provided that the player has been informed by the administration of the club later than 24 hours before start of the event
The club administration reserves the right to refuse to provide services to any of the players without explanation
The decisions of the moderator are not "condemned," not"discussed and"not"challenged. You can voice all the points of interest, questions or dissatisfactions or find out from the host after the game

If you think that one of the players violates the rules, spies, contact the host after the game

If you think that one of the players is insulting you, contact the moderator.
‼️ It is forbidden to publish advertisements of an advertising nature in chat without prior approval from administrators

IMPORTANT If a violation of one or more rules of the club Mafia Me, the administration of the club Mafia Me leaves the right to send player ban (to refuse participate in the activities of the club Mafia Me) at a certain time
Emotions that will be remembered for a long time by all guests or employees at the holiday! Make your event bright, unusual, interesting and unforgettable!